Varnish and Refinishing


Your boat's varnished finish will shine like glass!

Our varnishing and refinishing work is done in a state-of-the-art, dustless varnish booth using only the highest quality stains and varnishes.

Cold Molded Bottoms

coldMold3.jpgIn the cold molding process, three to five layers of 3mm and 4mm BS 1088 Marine Plywood is used to form the bottom. Following the disassembly, inspection and cleaning of the wood in the frames, chines, gripe and stem, the new cold molded shells are bedded in 3M 5200. After attaching with new fasteners, the bottom is sealed, primed, painted and ready to go!

Soak Tank


Using our custom built tank, we can immediately test for leaks along the shaft log, rudder post, water intake and other parts of the boat bottom. Great care is taken to ensure that your boat is completely sealed and ready for use on the water.

Permanent Record of Restoration 

All restoration work is photographed and sent to you in the form of an e-mail once per month. At the end of the job, we burn a CD of these photographs, so that you have a visual permanent record of the work that was done. This should be very helpful when you sell your boat providing evidence to the buyer of how the work was actually done.

Mechanical Work

From tune-ups to a complete engine rebuild, our mechanical department has several years of marine experience to ensure a smooth mechanical system.


Services include: Engine rebuilding/replacement, wiring update, 6 to 12 volt conversions, electronic ignition, transmission adjustment, shaft alignment, strut bearing replacement, propeller repair/replacement, cooling system testing, and winterization.

Plank Replacement


Our restoration staff can handle any type of plank replacement needed on your boat. After replacing the exterior planking, special car is taken to make sure that the proper stain is used to make an exact match to your boat's original color.

Boat Names and Numbers


We offer custom boat names and registration numbers, set in actual gold leaf and vinyl lettering, for your newly-restored boat. Send us your designs, and we'll send you the proofs before anything is set on the boat. 


Allow Antique Boat to assist you with your transportation needs. Our experienced drivers are ready to haul your boat, no matter the destination!