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Teak Protection

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Q: I have a 1974 Penn Yan Avenger Fly bridge and the rear deck has teak rails. I know that teak oil is one way to treat the wood and varnish is another. Is another choice available to make those rails shine like glass and not grey out after a month like they do with oil or peel like varnish? I am a member of the Penn Yan Antique and Classic boat club and that is subject of discussion a lot. Is it possible to apply varnish or another product on the wood to give it that High Gloss shine that will last year after year and not have the constant care that varnish requires?

A: Teak finishing is a tough job, your correct that oil has a short life and gloss finishes peel off. The issue is teak is an oily wood, nothing wants to stick to the oil permanently. I have had no experience with the 2 part finishes, I have seen them used with some good durability. Sikkens makes Cetol marine finish. The system is based on 3-4 coats with maintenance coats as needed, probably yearly in FL. They have a matte and gloss finish, easy to apply and easy to remove if you get some peeling. Wipe down the teak with Acetone just prior to putting on the finish, this helps remove the oil for better adhesion.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 5:14 PM
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