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Re: Hardtop Restoration

The Captain

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Answer: I looked at the photos of your boat, I will try to answer with what I think you have. The wheel house sides are probably teak ply with solid teak details around the windows, the cabin top is solid mahogany frames with mahogany ply for the top, your deck is not clear to me, if you say it is teak we will make that call. If the veneer is off the sides of the wheelhouse, we usually route ¼ and install new solid teak. This is a simple repair and looks great when refinished. The cabin top, if it is rough and not able to be refinished would be removed and replaced with mahogany plywood. Lyman did offer teak options, an upgrade from the original mahogany plywood. The problem today is the veneer is so thin it is hard to sand without sanding through, a tough refinish as well as a tough install. My Lyman has a teak deck laid over the original plywood, ½ thick with an extension to cover the edge under the rub rail. Many Lymans’ have a blend of teak and mahogany, decks to wheelhouse, they always look great.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 6:05 PM
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