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Re: Bottom Refinishing

The Captain

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Answer: The Hard Racing Copper Bronze over the 2000E is a professional way to finish a wood bottom. The 2000E is a 2 part epoxy and cannot be put over a 1 part like Hard Racing Bronze. There is no need to remove the bronze completely, sand with 80/100 in an oscillating sander make minor repairs with epoxy or 257 filler, recoat with the Bronze. If you feel the 2000E is severely damaged then I would remove it and start over. Make sure you have the Hard Racing Bronze and not the anti-fouling bronze, only anti-fouling can recoat antifouling products. BoatLife works well as a seam filler, compresses and can squeeze out if the plank swell.

Posted on February 13, 2015 at 6:10 PM
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