The Dart Boat Story

Dart Boat CompanyIn the midst of the Roaring Twenties the desire for fun, frivolity, speed, and sport set the stage for a boom in production of the then-new mahogany runabout. Capitalizing on this growing market, the Indian Lake Boat Company in Lima, Ohio developed a line of fast runabouts with the evocative name of Dart. Continuing to ride the crest of the wave of motor boat popularity, the Dart line of boats attracted the attention of investors in Toledo, Ohio, and in 1928 a new company was formed, the Dart Boat Company of Toledo Ohio.

Designer Irving “Hocky” Holler was retained from the Indian Lake Boat Company to refine the lines and hardware into a first class product, to be produced at a new factory in Toledo. In a short time Dart grew to be one of the leading boat builders, with iconic design, fast and stable hulls, and the legendary reputation for first-class workmanship. The Dart Boat Company was at the forefront of the industry, producing a top-of-the-line product, but also known for their international marketing efforts. Although favored by Prohibition-era bootleggers and the well-to-do, economic difficulties at the beginning of the Great Depression brought a halt to production.

Eighty-five years later, the iconic Dart boat models have resurfaced in Toledo. Within a few miles of the original Dart Boat Company factory, a skilled band of craftsmen are recreating the most beautiful of the original Dart models, as well as some interpretations of the originals. Today’s models are built to the same exacting standards and exquisite detail of the original boats, but incorporate modern power and improved hull construction for ease of use and simplicity of maintenance.

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Dart Runabout


The triple-cockpit Runabout design is the embodiment of class and elegance.

Whether taking friends to a waterside party across the lake or taking an intimate moonlit cruise, the mahogany runabout has been the traditional style of powered speedboat since the early days, when boats were first mated with gas engines.

With the trademark chrome arrow streaking across the engine compartment combing, this model is the classic marquee of the Dart name. The graceful shape and streamlined hardware are a direct recreation of the top-of-line Dart offerings of the late-1920s and early-1930s.

Please call for details, specifications, and options. Available in lengths of 22.5 feet and 26 feet.

Dart Speedster


For those who prefer the thrill of hurtling across the water with the wind and spray scattering, as a long mahogany bow cuts through the water, the Speedster is the perfect boat.

Built for excitement, in the tradition of the first gentleman’s racers, this model exhibits the long deck, aft cockpit style of many speedboats of the early twentieth century.

A variety of engine options ensure that the Speedster will bring out the exuberance of both pilot and passenger.

Please call for details, specifications, and options. Available in lengths of 22.5 feet and 26 feet.

Dart Utility


If a practical-yet-classy craft is needed for the modern boating enthusiast who enjoys excursions with friends and family, the Dart Utility is the perfect model.

With ample room to move about for socializing, allowing space for a picnic basket, cooler, or pet, the Dart Utility is ready for island-hopping. This model includes the same Dart hardware as the Runabout, featuring one-of-a kind fixtures and uniquely-styled ventilating windshield.

Please call for details, specifications, and options. Available in lengths of 22.5 feet and 26 feet.

Dart Tender


As a “going ashore” vessel for extravagant yachts, the Dart Tender allows its owner to arrive in port with a flair not seen since the Roaring Twenties.

Whether in a metropolis such as New York or on the beaches of the Mediterranean, the Tender is equally at home.

The Dart Tender features an open chauffeur’s cockpit and an enclosed master compartment at the rear, in the spirit of the luxury limousines of the era.

Please call for details, specifications, and options. Available in lengths of 22.5 feet and 26 feet.

Dart Sedan


With all the style and grace of the open runabout, the Sedan is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy their boating experience with a little less exposure to the natural elements.

Offering shade on a hot afternoon and warmth on a cool evening, the Sedan offers a pleasing profile while still affording the comfortable cruising option.

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